Train the Trainer

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Sidecoaching is as much an art as it is a skill. I’ll show you how to properly set up games and coach your group in a way that will bring out their full potential – and yours.

Train the Trainer workshops require a group of at least eight participants and a maximum of sixteen, with at least one leader/trainee in each group.
As we play a variety of games and exercises with you and your group, we’ll delve into the philosophy and practice of Spolin Games with an eye towards developing your skill as an effective Sidecoach.

Creative and innovative companies like Pixar, 3M and Google use the 15% percent rule – 85% of the time devoted to work and 15% of your work-time should be devoted to non-work related projects and activites.   This formula consistently produces leaps of insight and innovative thinking in these companies
A 20 Hour program is $10,000
(excluding travel & lodging)
Periodic live webinar consults (usually 1 hour): $500

Improv-Odyssey’s games and exercises are the perfect way to spend that 15%. Bring the fun back to your workplace and run regular workshops for your own company. Foster an atmosphere of creativity in the workplace. Regular sessions create true community. So keep the fun going and continue to build your team once I leave.

The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns,
relationships, or the like,and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.


How it works

This requires a minimum of twenty hours of workshop time. I can do week-long intensives onsite in the form of ½ day sessions for five days.
You can also do weekly sessions for at least five weeks. (This works best with companies within a 100 mile radius of my home base: Seattle)

It’s also the beginning of a relationship with me where I can periodically check in and consult with your trainers to maximize their impact.
This is done via live webinars where I can view a real-time workshop and evaluate the session.

Transform your business through short, regular, playful sessions.

Becoming a workshop leader means that you’ve experienced the transformative power of the games by playing and learning. When you’ve played enough Spolin Games with a good sidecoach, you absorb our approach organically, and can then deliver this same experience to any group.