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My Keynotes are fun, informative and highly interactive.

Using humor and the profound philosophical ideas about group interaction developed by Viola Spolin,I talk about the value of fun and get your group to experience why fun is the highest state of learning.

The best learning takes place at an intuitive level when the players are fully involved (physically and mentally). Having no time to waste in opinion or criticism because they are too busy grappling with a problem they go beyond their ‘perceived’ limitations.  –  We call that having fun. It is a powerful state and the ideal way to acquire and integrate new skills.

What I do is not a speech.

I don’t just lecture and use PowerPoint. I  get everyone involved, working with their table-mates or just the person next to them in the auditorium.
Everyone comes away enlightened, energized and ready to try new things.


Improv is fun. A common “side effect” of most Improv experiences is laughter. It is widely accepted that introducing humor into the training process enhances learning and improves retention. More importantly, Improv allows you to acquire skills inherent in the exercise, intuitively. Skills are acquired while having fun. This can be contrasted to the type of education that lectures to individuals or groups using rote learning. This slows learning in the workplace, because the individual is not fully engaged.

Valuable and Effective for Any Group

An Improv Odyssey session can be designed to fit any group’s needs. For example, I can work with team leaders, improv troupes, trainers and teachers, human resources professionals, salespeople, social workers, project managers, CEOs, ministers… basically anyone working with (or in) groups and teams.

Sessions can range from a few hours to several days, with groups as small as ten and as large as sixty.

Result?Participants are more collaborative, awake, creative and energized.

Why?They have been having fun!

Is this Hard to Imagine?

Words are no substitute for an experience. Why not arrange a Free Demo and Consultation so I can actually show you the power of focused play?

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