Improv Training – for Anyone and Everyone!

A lot of people say that Improv is terrifying. Pshaw!

The ability to play is ours from birth, but most of us lose our knack for it as we make our way through life. This work is proven and accessible to anyone willing to play and have fun.

Give yourself the opportunity to play, be spontaneous, become self-aware and transform

Join me on a journey to your playful self as I coach you toward the source of your own treasure house of creativity; An excursion into the intuitive where you can explore new ways to work, by releasing your natural ability to play with abandon as we all did when we were young.

Groups I have worked with in the past range from high tech companies, to travel agencies, insurance companies, 12 step programs, universities, animation schools, singles groups, business and travel retreats.

Some clients: Disney ♦ Microsoft ♦ Reken International ♦ Ricoh USA ♦ University of Washington ♦ DigiPen Institute ♦ Children of the Night shelter ♦ Out of Darkness Gallery for Art Therapy ♦ Impro Oslo – Improv troupe ♦ The Spolin Players – Improv troupe ♦ Alcoholics Anonymous ♦ Theater Brixen, Italy

Make no mistake, play is essential – it fosters personal growth, connection, inspiration and cooperation. And it allows all of us (from actors and teachers, to pastors & project managers) to improve our capacity for the following:

  • Spontaneity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Self-Awareness

Gary Schwartz is an accomplished actor/director who learned directly from Viola Spolin, the creator of Improvisation and the founder of Chicago’s famed Second City.

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