Free Demo

It’s one thing to talk about what I do, but words are no substitute for experience.

If you would like a preview of what I do, I will come to you and do a 20 to 30 minute mini workshop for you and your staff free of charge (excluding travel)

What to expect
First of all, I begin with a really fun game.  We then do some exercises with my coaching: Mirror, Spacewalk and Story building – we’ll end our mini session with another fun game that I won’t list here. (it’s a surprise).  Then we can talk about applying these experiences to your situation.
Call me at 425-831-5667 or
email me at

My requirements: An open space with chairs available and six to eight willing participants. 

A Letter from a satisfied client

Dear Gary,

As with other businesses, we depend upon our human resources to work individually and in teams to create a successful, profitable corporation. Your techniques are simple and effective.
I couldn’t help but feel elated (as were the 200 other attendees you worked with across the nation) as I walked out of my first session! Many of us related the program to the survival games that are being done now; physically we felt ready to conquer mountains – mentally, we had already climbed Mount Everest and felt proud, elated and overwhelmed with emotion”‘
I also feel the need to address management’s hesitation to your classes.- and their change of heart upon proof that it’s not only innovative, challenging and fun, but because it created a team spirit among our training attendees that hadn’t happened in many a year!
Especially interesting was how our foreign attendees reacted. Even the Japanese (who have been rather “stuffy” at previous training programs) relaxed and involved themselves … there are no language barriers in this program.
From a profitability standpoint our trainers have accomplished:
  • The ability to work as a team to develop and execute an idea.
  • To be less inhibited in their every day and platform work.
  • To understand we are all of the same fears and, yet, can overcome them.
For Redken, this translates to sales dollars both in the salon and from our stages.
From a personal standpoint, you came into my life at a crucial point and probably contributed more to my job and personal life than can ever be expressed. I have become less inhibited; I’ve learned to express myself through body language and to observe how to better understand others as well.
My management has noticed a difference in my meeting participation and I’m not as apprehensive about expressing my ideas. Thus far, I’ve saved Redken a few thousand dollars on an idea that I’d had for a long time and was too shy to even bring up!
All the best to you, Gary. May your work go on forever!

Warm Regards,
Pamela S. Estenson
Associate & Guest Artist Administrator
Redken Hair Fashion & Design Team

Testimonial and Endorsement
We had the opportunity to engage Gary for an all-day session at last years’ Annual Conference.
Gary’s exercises were tailored to focus the goals and temperament of the group, and transformed our conference into a continuous creative session!
The work is fun and playful, to be sure, but also quite challenging and highly inspirational. Gary’s well-structured yet fluid approach constantly generates major insights into ones’ personal and business ideas, as well as rapidly deepening the relationships and joint creativity of the group as a whole.
Our conference and our association community owes a lot to Gary for reinvigorating and evolving our perspectives on ourselves and our mission. Thanks, Gary!
         John Chmaj Sr. Director Knowledge Management KANA Software