Out of the Head and Into the Space

Discovering Space as Substance and a New Reality[i] Preface  I started my performing career as a mime.  Mimes in the mid 1970’s and 80’s were synonymous with corny uninspired white faced buskers who went around mimicking passers-by and asking for money.  I became a mime at the age of thirteen in 1964.  In the 60’s.. read more →

Viola Spolin and Me

 My First Encounter with the Mother of Improvisation  I was living in Hollywood, tending bar, performing comedy and mime in local cafes and trying to break into show business like thousands of other hopefuls from all over the country.  A dear friend of mine called from Potsdam University. He told me he was doing a paper.. read more →

The Trouble with Yes, And…

“Information is a very weak form of communication” — Spolin I have been working with Spolin Games for the last thirty years. I first began in an improv comedy class learning how to be fast and funny with a group of very talented actors, who are still playing. Then, by happy accident, I encountered Viola.. read more →