Seeing Is Believing Find out how you can get a free, no-strings demo
Seeing Is Believing
It’s not just the program – It’s Gary "Viola had genius and she shared it. Gary Schwartz continues to share her genius with integrity." -- Valerie Harper
It’s not just the program – It’s Gary
Improv Odyssey for Everyone Tap into self-confidence you didn't know you had
Improv Odyssey for Everyone
Improv Odyssey for Business Supercharge your next event!
Improv Odyssey for Business
Improv Odyssey is transformative Learn how fun and games is so much more than fun and games.
Improv Odyssey is transformative

Welcome to Improv Odyssey

Introduce energy, enthusiasm and joy into your work. Improv Odyssey’s method teaches skills vital to our working life. It enhances the effectiveness of leadership teams, improves teamwork within an organizations, bolsters an individual’s self-confidence, gives your group new ways to communicate and interact and prepares you to meet new challenges in demanding situations.

Listen to an interview with Gary Schwartz on Applying Spolin Games to work

Business Meetings – Interactive Speeches – Workshops

I work with corporations, associations, actors, improv troupes, educators – in fact, any group who is looking for a really fun, interactive, informational and inspirational process that requires

  • Teamwork
  • Enhanced performance
  • New insights
  • Better communication skills
  • A happier, more productive workplace

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